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Life is an athletic event.

Whether you are lifting up a grocery bag or deadlifting a barbell.  Hiking Mount Mansfield or walking across the parking lot.  Chasing a player down the field or running around with your grandchild.


The demands alter not in kind, but in intensity.

We Understand.

Our Philosophy

Keep Doing What You Love

Rehabilitation and training should not be separate entities but rather intertwined within a universal program.  SBPT strives to integrate your care and goals within your established training plan and daily routine.  Our approach combines exercise-based interventions with patient education on active correction of movement patterns, postural deviations, and faulty mechanics.  Manual techniques and modalities are used to compliment movement-based interventions when exercise alone is not appropriate.  By working together, we can enhance your performance, reduce the risk of injury, and, most importantly, keep you doing what you love.

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Coach's Corner

Developing the ability to feel your body and its arrangement is a key aspect of learning how to take care of its movements. If you are a physical therapy patient, practicing this ability will help you to benefit from the instruction you receive in your sessions, and even after you complete your program. If you are a lifestyle athlete, competitor, performer, or any other kind of mover, the knowledge you acquire with this sense will apply to your performance in all of your moving and training, in injury or health.     

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South Burlington Physical Therapy presents single leg balance variations as a building block for athletic potential.

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This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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Praise from our Lifestyle Athletes

Casey and the team at South Burlington Physical Therapy have helped me keep healthy and on track for my physical goals. After seeing me as an emergency walk-in for a lower back spasm that was so intense I couldn’t walk without pain we developed a set of exercises that I still do to this day. What I learned and practice keeps my lower back strong and aware of my posture and walk which is the key to any issues I may have with my back. They’re thoughtful, realistic and nice. Also, Casey might have magic hands as after my first appointment I walked in with my pain feeling like a 7 and by the end of the appt I was at 2.

South Burlington Physical Therapy helped my son, 14, recover from a traumatic knee injury with surgery in January 2016. He saw three different PT’s before going to South Burlington PT and saw little or no results in recovery. When we started going to South Burlington PT in March 17′ (yes a long time with the wrong type of PT) within a couple of visits at South Burlington PT and the right exercises, my son was experiencing less pain and more mobility. It was like he broke out of his cocoon. They specialize in what are called “patterned” athletes. My son started playing sports at the age of 5, so he never really got the proper stretching and strength training. All so very important. So even if your child doesn’t need PT because of an injury, it’s extremely important for their overall health. I highly recommend the entire staff at Essex & South Burlington PT!

Excellent help with my shoulder injury. Thanks Casey!

Having my best morning on this July 4th vacation. Want to give you a testimonial that you may or may not choose to use. Stopping migraine pain is a big deal though.

While visiting Burlington VT over the 4th July I developed a migraine, pain cycled from dull to intense with visual disturbances and light sensitivity. It was destroying my vacation. I have never tried dry needling or any treatment related to it and was even a little skeptical. It was a bad one and I knew it could extend into weeks. I’ve been through this before. I was crushed that my vacation was being destroyed so asked if Casey could see me. I was willing to try anything outside of drugs that often do not stop my migraine, just mute it and mute my senses too.

Casey made a very detailed assessment and is obviously well versed in approaching someone in pain. I had a short treatment on key spots she selected. I felt oddly euphoric immediately after the treatment, then predictably sleepy. I took a two hour nap and awoke to my migraine cycle being broken. My neck is still tender on one side and I am going in this morning before I leave for another treatment.

I wish I lived nearby because my experience with Casey, dry needling, and migraine has been sort of miraculous. I hope my experience helps someone else out there suffering.

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