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Life is an athletic event.

Whether you are lifting up a grocery bag or deadlifting a barbell.  Hiking Mount Mansfield or walking across the parking lot.  Chasing a player down the field or running around with your grandchild.


The demands alter not in kind, but in intensity.

We Understand.

Our Philosophy

Keep Doing What You Love

Rehabilitation and training should not be separate entities but rather intertwined within a universal program.  SBPT strives to integrate your care and goals within your established training plan and daily routine.  Our approach combines exercise-based interventions with patient education on active correction of movement patterns, postural deviations, and faulty mechanics.  Manual techniques and modalities are used to compliment movement-based interventions when exercise alone is not appropriate.  By working together, we can enhance your performance, reduce the risk of injury, and, most importantly, keep you doing what you love.

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Coach's Corner

Between work, family commitments, and running errands, it’s understandable why weekend warriors cram all their physical activity on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, this pattern of 5 days of inactivity, and being active on the weekend often leads to injury.  The most common types of injuries seen in weekend warriors are:  Muscle strains such as hamstring strains Ligament… Read More

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Because of the closures of physician’s offices, stoppages of elective surgeries, and social distancing guidelines resulting from COVID-19, many people with pain or joint issues have had appointments or surgeries delayed. If you’re one of them and you haven’t seen your PT yet, you should. Here are some reasons why: Early PT leads to better… Read More

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Please read the following on our re-opening process along with health and safety measures  in accordance with guidelines set forth by the CDC and Vermont Department of Health. Emily Milbank, DPT, PT, will be our primary in-clinic treating therapist while also continuing to treat via telemedicine.  Casey Baczewski, DPT, PT, will be treating primarily through… Read More

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Praise from our Lifestyle Athletes

Had a great experience with Casey & Henry. They communicated well with each other for the best treatment plan for me & really geared treatment toward my end & future goals.

SB PT is amazing. I had forgotten what it was like to not be in pain. They have fixed my shoulder, and Plantars Faciatis in my heel too and I am back to myself finally. They are very knowledgeable, honest, and can help so many people get back to doing what they love to do. I’d highly recommend them.

I have been amazed by my telemedicine appointments. Just as in a live appointment, Henry first checked in with me causally, then really listened deeply about what was still causing pain. He had me perform different movements and pinpointed what was causing the problem.  He designed exercises to specifically address my needs and made sure I understood them and could do them correctly before our appointment ended. He later emailed me the exercises we went over,  Each telemedicine appointment saves me a total of 3 1/2 hours of driving! In that way, Covid19 has helped get me great treatment, that otherwise was difficult to accomplish because of my condition.

As an athlete, it is refreshing to work with a physical therapist who understands how the body works not only from schooling and training, but from personal experience.  Casey helps me be a healthy athlete and shows me how to incorporate small changes to my daily routine to ensure I stay healthy following treatment.

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