Perseverance: Walter F.

Walter’s theme song should be Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping”.

I get knocked down, but I get up again
You’re never gonna keep me down
I get knocked down, but I get up again
You’re never gonna keep me down

However, his story is so much more than that.  Walter has developed a growth mindset, confidence, and optimism through adversity.  Rehabilitation is more than just physical.  It isn’t easy.  It isn’t a smooth process but, rather, a roller coaster.  Some days we feel good.  Other days we don’t.  Walter has many physical and medical accomplishments to celebrate.  Personally, I think Walter’s greatest victory is changing the glass from half-empty to half-full.

-Casey Baczewski, DPT


Walter F

Walter F. says:

“I came to SBPT in June 2017. I had a total knee replacement 18 months earlier and was looking for some guidance getting back to working out. One of the main reasons I chose to work with Casey was she was a CrossFit rainer, and I wanted to get back to doing CrossFit. With Casey`s help, I was able to gain confidence in my knee and return to CrossFit.

I had been back to doing CrossFit for a couple of months, and I somehow managed to tear my bicep. That was a tough blow.  After surgery in February of 2018, I began my recovery from this surgery. I felt good. This surgery wasn’t as painful as I expected. We worked through the protocol with Casey reeling me in sometimes and helping me take a long term view of  my recovery.

Also around this time, I received some news about my diabetes. My blood sugar had gotten worse and that was my wake up call. It wasn’t about my knee, or my bicep.  It was about my lifestyle.  It’s about living healthy. I cleaned up my nutrition and worked with Casey on being consistent with my exercise. My biggest victory was normalizing my blood sugar and dropping 25 lbs with three months of clean eating and exercising. I no longer meet the criteria for being considered diabetic. I still have athletic goals but it’s mostly about aging well and being the best human being I can be.  It’s never too late to change.

All was going so well, and I was on top of the world, heading in the right direction, and then IT happened.  Something sounded like it snapped in my knee and scared me badly. I can’t remember if I sent a panicked email or call, but how many health practitioners would care enough to call you at 6am to offer help. Once again, we are working through something together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The latest lesson has been some days suck, nothing clicks, just don’t give up. Keep working on what you can. The mental game is strong. I hear your voice while I`m working out, making small adjustments in my positioning.  I can even adjust my positions sometimes without prompting.

Thank you Casey for your caring, compassion, and your positivity. I think the best compliment I can give is you make me feel comfortable. You listen to my thoughts, my feelings, my questions.  I feel like I’m visiting with a friend during our sessions.  I’m looking forward to the next part of the journey.”


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