Sleep Strategy Series

While reading, “Promoting Sleep:  Not a Leap”1, the following quote really stuck out.

“There may not be a single body system that can’t be improved by getting sufficient sleep…or can’t be compromised by insufficient sleep.””

It is so true!  How many times have you felt cruddy, knees hurt, body aches, forgetting stuff, zoning out, and finally get a solid 6, 8, maybe 10 hours of sleep and wake up a new person?!?  You feel great!  Life is good!   You literally wake up saying, “I feel like a whole new person”.  We all intuitively know sleep is vital to health.  Then, why are we always so tired?

Why do 65% of Americans believe that sleep contributes to next-day effectiveness but only 10% prioritize it2?

I don’t have an answer.  But, I hope over the next couple weeks to highlight a few ways to make the most out of the sleep you do get.  The key:  switching our dominant nervous system mode from sympathetic “fight or flight” to parasympathetic “rest and digest”.

Stay tuned for our first Strategy “Beginning with the Breath”.

Sleep Helps

immune function

tissue healing*

pain modulation*

cardiovascular health

cognitive function

learning and memory*

Too Little Sleep 

increased pain perception*

loss of function*

reduced quality of life


increased anxiety

attention deficits

information processing disruption

impaired memory

reduced ability to learn new motor skills*

increased risk for accidents, injuries, and falls*

*Impacts PT rehab!!!


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  2. National Sleep Foundation. 2018 Sleep in America Poll. Accessed July 9, 2018.


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