Top Four Throwing Warm-up Exercises

The key to a good warm-up includes 1) blood starts to flow through tissue, 2) mimics demands of sport, 3) you will actually do it.

There are many exercises you can complete as part of warm-up for throwing.  This often turns into long, complicated warm-ups.   Practice time (and focus) is limited during youth and high school sports.  Therefore, we complied our Top 4 Warm-up Exercises to complete prior to throwing.  Also, these exercises can easily be used to strengthen the shoulder by using light to moderate dumbbells–but do that away from practice, not prior, to prevent shoulder fatigue.

***Go through routine 1-2x.   Complete 10-15 reps of each exercise per side.  It should leave you feeling ready to go but not tired.


Lunge to Cross Connect

The ability to lunge and rotate the trunk is overlooked when it comes to throwing strength and reducing risk to injury.  Throwing is a lunging action followed by trunk rotation and then the arm.  It doesn’t matter how hard or frequent you train your shoulder if you can’t lunge or rotate.

Shoulder External Rotation

The external rotators put the shoulder in proper position and control the throwing motion.  Doing these exercises in a bent over position allows gravity to act as resistance.  If theses are hard, a more thorough program is needed to reduce risk of injury.


Side Plank Powell Raise

Powell raises are great to train scapular control through protraction and retraction.   The side plank makes the exercises more functional as the shoulder blade needs a sturdy base (trunk) to anchor against.

Diagonal Flexion

Throwing is a diagonal movement.   The scapular (shoulder blade muscles) need to assist with raising the arm up into the 90-90 position and to help control the acceleration/deceleration occurring as the arm finishes coming across the body.


All these movements should be PAINFREE!!  If experiencing pain or fatigue, give us a call at 802.399.2318.  Address the issue PRIOR to it sidelining you for the season.


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