Running Warm-up and Cool-down

One way to reduce your risk of injury and to improve performance is a proper warm-up and cool-down.

Warming up doesn’t need to take long.  Attached is a 5-minute sequence that can be performed prior to any length of a run.  It can also act as a screening tool.  If you are struggling to perform any of the movements, it may indicate an area of weakness that needs to be address.  We can happily help!

Cool-downs are often skipped due to time constraints.  Please don’t!  They help the body recover from the hard effort just given!  If you are someone who often feels like you need a very long warm-up, just think, “The best warm-up is a proper cool-down!”.  Meaning, if you cool-down well, you will feel less stiff and feel more ready to take on the next workout.

Please see the attached PDFs for our recommended running warm-up and cool-down.  They take as little as 5 minutes to complete!




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