Patient Spotlight – Jackie H.

A note from Henry:

Trusting the process isn’t always easy. You must have a degree of persistence. If you’ve ever met Jackie, there is no question that she has a high level of persistence. Her drive and dedication are the cornerstones to achieving her goals. That’s why she was able to squat below parallel without question during a powerlifting competition just as much as she was able to change her nutrition to support her body and lifestyle. Working with Jackie has been as rewarding for us as it has been for her and we look forward to seeing what else she conquers in the future.

Jackie’s story:

When I started Crossfit 7 years ago, I discovered that I had some significant mobility issues. It took me a few years to decide that I needed to tackle these issues if I wanted to continue to be active without risk of injury. I have been working with SBPT for several years now. Having worked with both Casey and Henry, I have addressed numerous chronic mobility issues, as well as an occasional acute injury issue.

Initially, I worked on squat depth; I was not able to squat below parallel. After many months, and an abundance of exercises and stretches, I was finally able to break parallel. Henry has helped me understand that this is an ongoing issue and provides exercises for me to continue to work on, as needed. In February, I competed in a lifting event and was able to complete the backsquat event with no question from the judge on my squat depth!

In the last year, in addition to continuing my work on mobility, I have explored dry needling with Casey to address acute issues. Her understanding of trigger points and the entire central nervous system is impressive and dry needling has become a regular ‘tool in my toolbox’ for addressing muscle pain.

Throughout my treatments at SBPT, a holistic approach is always taken.  While my focus is always to address my issues to get back to the gym, the subjects of stress management, sleep and nutrition were often brought to the forefront of discussions, reminding me to keep perspective.  

I am a better Crossfit athlete, and I will be able to continue to be active longer because of SBPT!

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