Patient Spotlight – Kate M.

Kate truly invested herself during her PT journey. She came in with fantastic questions and great curiosity that enabled her to learn more about herself and the activities she was doing so she could perform them without the discomfort she was having. It was less about how many PT exercises she was doing and more about applying the concepts she learned to her daily routines or exercise regimen.    

 -Henry & Casey 

“I first came to South Burlington Physical Therapy with soreness in the muscles surrounding my elbow. The pain was most notable after pulling workouts and worsening to the point of affecting simple daily habits and even my sleep. I waited longer than I should have in asking for help because I wasn’t familiar with physical therapy, and as form conscious as I am, I held fast to the idea that I could right the ship on my own. I became laser focused on moving well and stretching more frequently but it wasn’t enough. In desperation, I made an appointment with a physical therapist that I knew was passionate about physical fitness. I knew I needed a high-end user of the human body, nothing short of an expert would do.   

Well, the lats are huge muscles and honestly, I thought I knew how to use them. As someone with my own toolbox at home, I know how destructive it can be to use a flathead screwdriver when the job calls for a philips. But in my toolbox of muscles, I was abusing tired but trusty biceps when meaty lats were just waiting to be recruited. Elbow pain and limited progress with barbell movements was evidence enough, but I didn’t need convincing because once Henry helped me feel how to engage my lats, I found it all so very funny, like only aha! moments can be. 

My physical therapy experience was wildly successful because for the first time in my life, I got a personalized education in how to move efficiently and use my muscles effectively. It was an education I could feel as well as reason. An athlete in and out of gyms for over 20 years, I was suddenly woke to the idea that my body had a lot to learn about its muscular system. Thinking about what muscles a movement demands has transformed my workouts. Thinking about those muscles when I’m in a movement pattern helps me recruit them. 

I learned that physical therapy is continuing education I can get excited about and working with a team so knowledgeable about moving well is awesome. I’m thrilled that the pain at my elbow has dissipated and I work out smarter now than I ever have before. But most of all, I’m grateful to have SPBT in my toolbox so that I don’t have to attempt difficult to answer questions on my own anymore.

Kate M. 

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