Patient Spotlight – Laura L.

What was most admirable about Laura was her can-do attitude. It allowed her to become more confident in her ability to move and perform all the daily activities she needed and wanted to do. Not only did she come away feeling better, she came away with individual strategies and approaches that would support her long-term. 

-Henry & Casey 

I have been in and out of Physical Therapy for years. It started with my Sacroiliac joint (SI) (some just say the back dimple) hurting during pregnancy in 2013. After I had my baby, I had more pain in my SI joint and it became unbearable. I saw a Physical Therapist without satisfying results. The pain continued to come back over and over again. One morning, I was playing with my baby on the floor and I stood up. I heard a “pop,” and I knew that my partially torn ACL had decided to finally tear. I was devastated. Now I had two issues to deal with. There was no way I could have ACL surgery with a newborn. I decided to wait.  

After a seeing other Physical Therapist throughout the years, I had met a knee doctor. They had told me that I shouldn’t run anymore and that I would probably have arthritis along with knee replacements when I was older. I work in healthcare and I refused to accept this as my fate. I see patients every day that give up and I see their health decline rapidly. I decided to join a running group so I could take it easy and start slow. I still had my pains, but I tried to work through them. 

I continued to have my SI joint pain on and off. Sometimes it would debilitate me, and I wasn’t able to work. I would try to find a new Physical Therapist hoping they would be the answer. The same thing would happen where the pain would go away briefly, but it would always come back. The stability of my knee had been getting worse as well. Something was still not working right. I wasn’t playing any sports and had only been running. I couldn’t be effective at my job as an MRI Technologist. I needed a stable knee. It was time to have the ACL surgery. 

I set up the surgery and everything seemed like it was alright after. More and more though, my SI joint would act up and then my patella started getting sore. Things were not getting much better despite seeing my surgeon’s Physical Therapist and going to the gym on my own. I was so frustrated. I kept telling my new Physical Therapist about my SI joint interfering and they kept their focus on my knee. I was at my wits end and had no idea where to go to. I couldn’t keep going to my surgeon’s physical therapist. I was getting nowhere. I couldn’t give up yet. Surely, there had to be someone out there that could help. 

Thankfully, a co-worker of mine had suggested going to Henry and Casey at South Burlington Physical Therapy. My Co-worker would rave how amazing they are and how they work with you. She would say that it’s an actual work out at the Physical Therapy appointment! I knew that these are my kind of people. I made the appointment and was amazed right away how they listened and saw how my back and my knee were related. I mean, they TRULY listened. Every time I came in, they asked me what hurt today, and we would work on that area to make it better. Different parts of my body were reacting to different ways I was moving. I needed to improve my posture and strengthen certain muscles that were weak. I finally felt like I was getting somewhere and could live my life. I started a new gym with group activities and could actually participate in everything! Henry took the extra step to show me how to handle my work environment better. I still have Henry’s voice in my head every time I move a patient. I take a moment and put my body in the correct ergonomics. I don’t have pain after! 

These two have changed my life. I recommend them to anyone I talk to that needs Physical Therapy. I feel whole again. I can play with my child! I can play sports if I want to and run! I bike to work without any major issues. I am more productive at work and move patients the right way. I can’t express enough gratitude for them taking the time to show me and explain why and what was happening to my body. Thank you, a million times, Henry and Casey. 


-Laura L.  

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