Home Ergonomic Set-UP

I won’t lie. I am not a huge fan of perfect ergonomic set ups. That isn’t to say I don’t believe they are important and shouldn’t be done. Yes, you should have an office set-up that matches your body and portions. HOWEVER, the key is variability and movement!!

Research refutes the idea that posture is a large contributor to pain.  There are many patients that come into our office with pain that have a perfectly set up desk and have great posture, but they are stuck in that position/posture. Our spine is not meant to be a stick.  It is meant to move!





Here are some general ergonomic recommendations to help you find your comfortable position(s). You don’t need to be married to these rules. Trial them.  Listen to your body.  Adjust.  Listen again.  If you need help, that’s where we come in!

My challenge to you:  Set up different office spaces in your house.   Here are some examples from the Baczewksi-Mercier household. None of them are perfect. We also don’t own a desk, so we work with what we have.

Seated Preference:








Standing Preference:








Personal Preference during long reading or video watching:









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