Our Mission

Ever mindful of our Philosophy, our Mission is to passionately provide effective, customized treatment to all our clients, focused on education, injury reduction and recovery, and full mobility.

We will cultivate and nurture an environment of professionalism, compassion, confidence, commitment, growth, trust and respect, creating long-term relationships with our clients and employees.

We will be renowned among our peers and the industry as the preferred provider of physical therapy for the lifestyle athlete, by providing the BEST education, and
prevention and recovery techniques available.

We will lead by example, always taking an active role in giving back to
Athletic & Training Centers and our Community.

Our Philosophy

Our long-term strategies and short-term actions as a company,

employer, medical/rehabilitation services provider are driven by the following Philosophy:

We are Here to Help You Keep Doing What You Love.

Rehabilitation and training should not be separate entities to us.

SBPT strives to integrate your care and goals within your established training plan and daily routine.

Our approach combines exercise-based interventions with patient education on active correction of movement patterns, postural deviations, and faulty mechanics.

Manual techniques and modalities are used to compliment movement-based interventions when exercise alone is not appropriate.

By working together, we can enhance your performance, reduce the risk of injury, and, most importantly, keep you doing what you love.

Our Vision

To create a culture of preferential relationships
that redefines the role physical therapist within our market area and industry,

inspire confidence, performance, longevity of activity and trust among our clients,

allowing for professional growth and security for our employees,

and to continually increase our involvement in
the growing number of Communities we serve.