SBPT and Essex Physical Therapy are sister clinics.  Patients can be seen at both clinics within the same episode of care allowing access to the PRIORI Pool located at the Meadows Location in Essex.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

INMAquatic physical therapy provides an optimal setting for treating various diagnoses, including joint/muscle pain, neurological disorders, cardiovascular/pulmonary disorders, and post-surgical rehabilitation. The aquatic environment is different from land:

• The buoyancy of water allows for less weight bearing on the lower limbs
allowing early gait training after joint replacement or surgery.

• Water turbulence can be used as a method of increasing resistance.
• Unexpected changes in water direction increase the demand for hip
and core stability.

• The reduction in gravitational pull on the joints allows for spinal decompression,
helpful for patients with disc issues.

• The pressure of water against the skin decreases swelling and increases

All of these properties allow for faster initiation of the rehabilitation process following an injury or surgery. Early intervention has been shown to result in a more rapid recovery.

What is unique about our PRIORI Pool?

PRI pool

Our pool is cleaned by a UV Filter System, which is much gentler on the skin, eyes, hair and nose when compared to a chlorinated pool. It is kept at a therapeutic 88-92°F, ideal for staying comfortable while in the water. Our aqua level system also allows for the water to be easily raised and lowered; this results in an individualized treatment, as the amount of body weight on your joints can be quickly increased or decreased.

PRI concepts have expanded to aquatic design! The innovative priori pool, the first of its’ kind, brings aquatic therapy to a new level of sophistication. It features multiple patented treatment stations designed to address faulty movement patterns that result in muscle imbalances and compensations. These imbalances can cause unequal pull on joints, resulting in pain, balance issues, and injuries.

While able to do all of the functions of your typical therapy pool, the unique stations in our priori pool utilize patented jet placement and water flow to:

• Strengthen abdominals and optimize trunk rotation
• Improve hip mobility
• Restore reciprocal motion of the upper and lower extremities
• Normalize walking/gait patterns
• Increase strength of the stabilizing muscles at the shoulder
• Inhibit overused muscles of the neck to decrease neck pain
• Stretch hamstrings and back muscles, improving flexibility
• Stabilize ankles to prevent sprains
• Improve static and dynamic balance as well as coordination
• Reduce general complaints of dizziness, or visual disturbances with head movement