What’s a Movement Diagnosis?

Medical diagnoses don’t need much of an introduction. They’re what you get from your doctor when you’re sick. Examples would be influenza, diabetes, or hypertension. They describe the underlying problem that is causing your symptoms. When people feel sick, they know they need to go to the doctor and find out what’s going on to… Read More

Part 2 Mobility Vs. Flexibility: What’s the difference?

Influencing our nervous system is more beneficial than trying to change muscle structure itself.  Common narratives surrounding “mobility” tools such as foam rolling, lacrosse ball smashing, or instrumented soft tissue mobilization (ISTM) often dictate that we are trying to break up scar tissue or muscle adhesions. I’d challenge that our tissues are a bit more resilient than that. Read More

Post Partum Series – 4 weeks

Four weeks.  FOUR WEEKS!  How has a month gone by already?!   Motherhood is not kind on the body and mind.  Sleepless nights.  Awkward breastfeeding postures.  Constant holding and rocking.  Hormones.  Breastmilk EVERYWHERE.  Trying to figure out when you can eat.  Oh, and how your neck, back, wrists, shoulder, hips, head, feet—really everything—ache!  On top of trying to figure how to… Read More

Mobility vs. Flexibility: What’s the difference?

Mobility and flexibility are widely used terms, sometimes interchangeably, to describe the process of attempting to achieve more range of motion in a certain body segment. You may have seen or performed the following scenario: “I’m going to go work on my mobility”. Then, you proceed to grab a foam roller to roll the body… Read More