Perseverance: Walter F.

“I came to SBPT in June 2017. I had a total knee replacement 18 months earlier and was looking for some guidance getting back to working out. One of the main reasons I chose to work with Casey was she was a CrossFit rainer, and I wanted to get back to doing CrossFit. With Casey`s help, I was able to gain confidence in my knee and return to CrossFit. Read More

Mobility vs. Flexibility: What’s the difference?

Mobility and flexibility are widely used terms, sometimes interchangeably, to describe the process of attempting to achieve more range of motion in a certain body segment. You may have seen or performed the following scenario: “I’m going to go work on my mobility”. Then, you proceed to grab a foam roller to roll the body… Read More

It’s Not a Foot Race

Developing the ability to feel your body and its arrangement is a key aspect of learning how to take care of its movements. If you are a physical therapy patient, practicing this ability will help you to benefit from the instruction you receive in your sessions, and even after you complete your program. If you are a lifestyle athlete, competitor, performer, or any other kind of mover, the knowledge you acquire with this sense will apply to your performance in all of your moving and training, in injury or health.      Read More