An individual’s balance can be affected by several variables including vestibular disturbances, muscle weakness and imbalance, postural asymmetries, injuries, or following surgery. Regardless of the cause, your treatment plan will include various exercises aimed at restoring muscle balance and alignment. Balanced muscles that are optimally aligned are able to stabilize joints and create movement with relative ease.

So, why is balance so important? It is the basic skill needed in most activities! Changing your center of gravity is the key to efficiency in movement. There are several balance aids and drills that can be incorporated to improve one’s proprioception, which simply means your ability to sense a joint’s position in space. This is a skill required for every movement we make. Balance can be learned, challenged, and improved. Proprioception training is highly common in post-surgical, vestibular, and injury rehabilitation, but it also can be used to help prevent injuries from occurring. Balance rehabilitation is an important aspect of most individual treatment plans to help ensure that you are moving safely and at your best.