Stability in Five: Core Stability for 17.4

Deadlift and HSPU! Alright, here is a little core stability routine to add to your warm-up to prep the core for deadlifts and HSPU. Simple and effective!  

Stability in Five: Trunk Stability and the AirBike

Feel like you put all you got into that awful AirBike, Airdyne, or Assault Bike? Yet, you look down and the calories barely moved. This one is for you. You need to be able to isolate upper extremity and lower extremity movements from the trunk in order to perform at your best. Oh, and this… Read More

Can you Pistol Squat?

Open 2017 is upon us, and I anticipate pistols this year.   Do you have yours? When coaching, I often see athletes struggling with the pistol.  It takes mobility.  Balance.  Single leg strength.  And, the ability to flex the lumbar spine. Take a watch, give it a try, and let me know your results! Exercise… Read More