Patient Spotlight – Laura L.

What was most admirable about Laura was her can-do attitude. It allowed her to become more confident in her ability to move and perform all the daily activities she needed and wanted to do. Not only did she come away feeling better, she came away with individual strategies and approaches that would support her long-term.  -Henry… Read More

Are You A Passive Patient or an Active Consumer of Healthcare?

Think about the last time you made a big purchase, say $1,000 or more. Did you go out and buy the first thing you saw? Take one recommendation from somebody? Or did you research it, learn some things, compare it to other options, and select something that was right for you? Most people tend to… Read More

5 Running Mistakes to Avoid

Take a read through this blog!! All credit goes to Brad Beer (APAM).  SBPT wanted to share his blog post because it really highlights a lot of the education that goes into our sessions with runners.  Especially  number 1 – 3! “Classical running goals may include: achieving personal best times (PBs or PRs), running a… Read More

Patient Spotlight – Kate M.

Kate truly invested herself during her PT journey. She came in with fantastic questions and great curiosity that enabled her to learn more about herself and the activities she was doing so she could perform them without the discomfort she was having. It was less about how many PT exercises she was doing and more… Read More