Life is a Movement Journey – Here’s How a PT Can Help

Now that summer has arrived, temperatures are starting to rise in many parts of the country. And that means the transition from heating our homes to cooling our homes is right around the corner. No matter what method you use to cool your home during the warm spring and summer months (central air conditioning, window… Read More

What brings you to physical therapy today?

When you kick off a new project at work, chances are you spend a fair amount of time setting and reviewing goals. These goals help you—and those you’ll be working with—get a clear sense of what you’re looking to achieve and begin to map out a plan of attack. Along with specific goals, you also probably… Read More

Sleep Strategies: Stress

Our previous post discussed how to reduce stimulation that drives a sympathetic state.  Stress can “turn on” our internal ⏰ alarm system causing hypervigilance, anxiety, and unproductive energy1.  These are incompatible with sleep and can cause problems such as difficulty falling asleep, fragmented sleep, and nightmares. Here are some strategies to help calm the body and… Read More

Sleep Strategies: Reducing Stimulation

We previously have talked about how the key to a good night sleep is transitioning out of energized ‘sympathetic state’ (fight or flight) to a more calm ‘parasympathetic state’ (rest and digest).  Therefore, there are two major options for intervention:  1) reduce factors that cause sympathetic state, 2) increase factors that create a parasympathetic state. … Read More

Sleep Strategies: Beginning with the Breath

Relaxing before bed prepares you for untroubled sleep. The following exercises ‘open up your breathing,’ helping you to transition out of a more stressed ‘sympathetic state’ (fight or flight) to a more calm ‘parasympathetic state’ (rest and digest). You will only need the floor and your pillow. Lying on the ground, preferably on a rug… Read More