Baby It’s Cold Outside

❄“Baby it’s cold ooouuuttsssiddde”             It’s that time of year where we’re cruising down the ⛷ slopes, trekking through the snow, and drinking the hot cocoa. It’s Winter Season! When we think of going outside in the winter time, aside from thinking about how to build the best snow fort, we have to think about what… Read More

One Annual Health Checkup That’s Probably Missing from Your Calendar

As it turns out, these healthcare professionals aren’t specifically trained to assess your musculoskeletal system, which is comprised of your muscles, bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints and other connective tissues. Then who is the right healthcare professional to ensure that these essential internal structures are working properly and helping to support, stabilize and move your body? A physical therapist.  Read More

Some Americans Pay More for Back Pain Relief, But Are They Really Getting Less?

Today’s consumer has so many choices when shopping for just about anything from apparel to healthcare. But while it’s customary to shop for the best price for a goose down jacket (without sacrificing quality), shopping around for the best solution (and value) for our ailments is less typical. Doing our due diligence in healthcare may ultimately bring us back to the first proposed solution, but it also may introduce us to solutions that we didn’t know existed. Read More

Willpower: Brigid M.

Brigid came into PT feeling like she had exhausted all her options. However, her drive to still try PT despite multiple uneventful outcomes was outstanding. Because of this and willingness to learn, she was able to perform one her biggest accomplishments to date: participate in a weightlifting competition.  However, in my opinion, her greatest accomplishment is believing she has the confidence to treat herself. Read More

Part 2 Mobility Vs. Flexibility: What’s the difference?

Influencing our nervous system is more beneficial than trying to change muscle structure itself.  Common narratives surrounding “mobility” tools such as foam rolling, lacrosse ball smashing, or instrumented soft tissue mobilization (ISTM) often dictate that we are trying to break up scar tissue or muscle adhesions. I’d challenge that our tissues are a bit more resilient than that. Read More