new elemental massage logo final  Elemental Massage

Elemental Massage Therapy is an independent LLC  located within South Burlington Physical Therapy.  Lisa Tomasik specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue Sports Massage, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Reiki, Prenatal, and Hot Stone Therapy.  Please visit website for updates on services provided.

  Threshold Training

Threshold Training is a training studio dedicated to helping all Vermonters – regardless of whether they label themselves an athlete or not – transcend their personal performance threshold.

294  Essex Physical Therapy

Sister clinic of SBPT offering personalized care in a quiet and private setting.

1510773900251  Clinical Athlete

SBPT is a Clinical Athlete Provider.  Clinical Athlete is a network of healthcare professionals that are also athletes themselves.  They will understand your goals related to training & athletic performance.  These clinicians speak your language, and will not tell you to “just stop lifting” or “squatting is bad for your knee”.  This is because they have athletic backgrounds similar to yours, and understand the necessary rigors of training for sport.

802 Crossfit

802 CrossFit is a gym built upon 13 years of Sport Training and Fitness Conditioning. Over 5 years ago, 802 Crossfit switched their training to CrossFit, focusing on providing clients with the best results in a fitness community like none other.