Researched-based sport-specific performance assessment designed to identify areas that limit performance or increase your risk of injury.  Each assessment varies based on the sport and position of the athlete. For example, a hockey goalie will complete a different battery of tests than a ski racer, soccer forward, or runner.

What does it include?

Each assessment includes a general surgical/ injury history and screen followed by sports specific testing in the following areas:

Canva - Man Doing Snow Skiing-mobility and strength
-functional assessment
-aerobic and anaerobic endurance
-agility and power

The Game Plan

Results and future training directions will be discussed with athlete. You will leave the clinic with a Game Plan to address deficits and start training towards optimizing your athletic potential.

Canva - Traffic Lights

Red Light:  Currently in pain, experiencing current or chronic injury, or several movement deficits.  Physical Therapy intervention appropriate to address concerns.

Yellow Light:  Some concerns or potential risk of injury.  Individual program to fix movement and performance deficits.

Green Light:  Doing great! Leave office with advise on recovery, training smart, physical and mental exercises to advance performance.  Call us if you need anything!

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