Physical therapists are knowledgeable about surgical procedures and specific treatment goals postoperatively. After any surgical procedure, it is important that activities are guided by the specific procedure and the patient follows any precautions for movement. Physical therapists are knowledgeable about your body’s limitations after surgery and can help ensure a safe progression of movement and a successful outcome.

Stretching can be a vital part in maintaining good range of motion with joints and the flexibility of muscles. If you have stiff joints or tight muscles, normal activities such as climbing stairs or reaching overhead can be severely affected. With proper stretching, these functions can be preserved. Often times after an injury or a surgical procedure, scar tissue forms and the soft tissues of the body contract. It is important to stretch in these situations to ensure that scar tissue formation does not get in the way of your rehabilitation.

Strengthening exercises are performed to help you improve the function of your muscles. The goal is to improve strength, increase endurance and return to all desired activities with confidence in movement. This can be done through the use of exercise equipment we provide in the clinic, as well as a home based exercise program.

Your therapist may use manual therapy techniques in your rehabilitation to help guide your body into new positions and help you to “find and feel” or engage the proper muscles necessary to hold your body in a new position. Our goal is for your body to be able to recognize new positions and integrate them into your daily routine.