Casey Baczewski, DPT, is the primary therapist at South Burlington Physical Therapy.  She received both her Doctorate of Physical Therapy, 2016,  and BS Exercise and Movement Science BS, 2014, at the University of Vermont.  Upon graduation, she was immediately hired by Essex Physical Therapy with expansions plans into South Burlington to better help the athletic community of Chittenden County achieve their rehabilitation and injury reduction goals.

South Burlington Physical Therapy, located within a high performance training facility, is the expression of her professional philosophy:  Rehabilitation and training should not be separate entities but rather intertwined within an universal program. As a clinician, Casey strives to integrate rehabilitation and injury reduction goals within an athlete’s established training plan and daily routine.  Her approach combines manual and exercise based interventions with active correction and education to correct any postural abnormalities or faulty mechanics that are expressed during movement for the purpose of enhancing performance, reducing injury risk, and returning to action.

Casey also has a special interest in working with the aging population to prevent falls and maintain a high quality of life at any age.  Life is an athletic event that involves lifting, walking, squatting, etc.  Picking up a bag of groceries or standing up from a chair are all expressions of traditional strength based movements.  Movement lies upon a continuum and this is where Casey’s athletic knowledge can help treat individuals of any age, ability, or life background.

Athletics have been Casey’s passion since a young age.  She was a three sport (soccer, basketball, softball) varsity level athlete in high school. In college, she participated in recreational running including 5k, 10k, and half-marathons with strength training on the side. Always quickly bored with traditional strength programs, she tried CrossFit and immediately enjoyed the process of skill development along with the strength and cardiovascular challenge.  It is the constant potential for growth that keeps her training daily.

Casey started coaching CrossFit the same semester she began her physical therapy education.  Actively coaching while learning the principles of physical therapy provided an unique perspective on the musculoskeletal and metabolic demands of barbell and bodyweight movements. Using this knowledge, she hopes to help individuals incorporate their rehabilitative goals within their current exercise program.  To this day, she actively coaches CrossFit, BootFit, and individual sessions at Threshold Training.

Casey also has prior experience coaching young athletes.  She has hosted numerous softball clinics for Westford Middle School, coached the Westford Middle School Boys Soccer Team, and been an assistant coach for the South Burlington Softball Varsity team.

Lastly, she is an active ClinicalAthlete provider.  ClinicalAthlete is a network of healthcare professionals that speak the language of athletes, walk-the-walk, and talk-the-talk.  For more information please visit:


Professional Training

Myokinematic Restoration-Postural Restoration Institute

Postural Respiration-Postural Restoration Institute

Joint Balancing Lower Quadrant

Clinical Athlete Weight Lifting Coach Certification

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Specialty Course:  Gymnastics


Doctorate Research Study:  Adherence to Post-Therapy Home Exercise Programs in Patients Treated for Low Back Pain (Co-Authored by Sarah Kate Peterson, DPT and Connie Tompkins, PhD

Undergraduate Honors Research Study:  The Interaction Between Coaching Behavior, Athlete Trait Motivation, and Athletes’ Situational Motivation (Co-Authored by Jeremy Sibold, PhD)

Favorite Word:  Tenacity