Stability in Five: Trunk Stability and the Squat

Two exercises to incorporate into your warm-up prior to squats to prepare the trunk for anti-rotational demands. Happy Squatting!  

Stability in Five: Core Stability for 17.4

Deadlift and HSPU! Alright, here is a little core stability routine to add to your warm-up to prep the core for deadlifts and HSPU. Simple and effective!  

Stability in Five: Serratus Anterior & Front Rack

Today marks the first of many five minute segments on local and global stability.  Each segment will contain education on the what, why, and how, along with a short exercise prescription designed to be incorporated into warm-up or movement prep. The first topic:  Engagement of the serratus anterior in the front rack position to prepare… Read More

Can you Pistol Squat?

Open 2017 is upon us, and I anticipate pistols this year.   Do you have yours? When coaching, I often see athletes struggling with the pistol.  It takes mobility.  Balance.  Single leg strength.  And, the ability to flex the lumbar spine. Take a watch, give it a try, and let me know your results! Exercise… Read More