Having my best morning on this July 4th vacation. Want to give you a testimonial that you may or may not choose to use. Stopping migraine pain is a big deal though.

While visiting Burlington VT over the 4th July I developed a migraine, pain cycled from dull to intense with visual disturbances and light sensitivity. It was destroying my vacation. I have never tried dry needling or any treatment related to it and was even a little skeptical. It was a bad one and I knew it could extend into weeks. I’ve been through this before. I was crushed that my vacation was being destroyed so asked if Casey could see me. I was willing to try anything outside of drugs that often do not stop my migraine, just mute it and mute my senses too.

Casey made a very detailed assessment and is obviously well versed in approaching someone in pain. I had a short treatment on key spots she selected. I felt oddly euphoric immediately after the treatment, then predictably sleepy. I took a two hour nap and awoke to my migraine cycle being broken. My neck is still tender on one side and I am going in this morning before I leave for another treatment.

I wish I lived nearby because my experience with Casey, dry needling, and migraine has been sort of miraculous. I hope my experience helps someone else out there suffering.

Tracy S.