Our philosophy at SBPT is to Keep You Doing What You Love by seamlessly integrating your physical therapy care into your current training program or daily routine. Life is busy. We understand. However, lasting changes only occur when principles turn into habits. So, let’s use your current routine to form new habits to accelerate rehabilitation and improve personal performance.

Our therapists have experience with fitness programming, sport-specific coaching, and execution of a training plan. We can effectively and efficiently modify your current training routine to incorporate what you are working on in physical therapy through exercise substitution and programming adjustments.

Our sport-specific coaching experience bridges the gap between traditional physical therapy and performance coaching. When injury is related to mechanics or form, we can provide the necessary skill correction to reduce the risk of re-injury while simultaneously improving performance. Physical therapy should be proactive, not reactive!

We have sport specific coaching experience in the following areas: softball/baseball, basketball, soccer, weightlifting, gymnastics, volleyball, golf, hiking, biking, running, skiing, swimming, snowboarding, and CrossFit.

More of a weekend warrior?

We can easily find ways to “sneak” in your physical therapy throughout the day based on your daily or work-related activities.